Re: MEMES: and things.
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 18:29:21 EST

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> > Humans have two kinds of replicators working on them unlike every other
> > biological known. Consequently this explains why humanity is so
> > over everything else.
> To continue the series: what would it be to have *three* kinds of
> replicators?
> Genes, memes and... ?
That's and interesting thought. The problem is what would the substrate be?

The substrate for the biological replicator(gene) is protein.

The substrate for the information replicator(meme) is data <thoughts, tunes, etc, etc>...but this substrate requires the first substrate in order to exist. Or one similar.

Interestingly memes can exist in TWO substrates. Both human brains and 'dead storage" (books, and various media and computers).

I wonder if a meme existing in a computer is the same as that 'same' meme existing in a brain? Or are they two different critters. Are there in fact three different replicators? Or two replicators with one having two sub types?

Anyway.....what would the substrate be for the "descendent" of meme's?

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