RE: "Web-mediated SETI": Robert Bradbury Replies
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 14:51:01 -0800

This is from Dr. Allen Tough's greetings to ETI page at

> Greetings to extraterrestrial intelligence! If you have come from some
> other place in the universe, we welcome you here. And we invite you to
> establish communication with us.
> This invitation comes to you from an informal group of individuals. Many
> of us are involved in the scientific search for extraterrestrial
> intelligence (SETI) or in the annual Contact conference. We come
> from various parts of our planet, and our ages range from twenties to
> seventies. A separate web page provides further information about who
> we are.
> [...]
> The members of our group are very eager to interact with you. Several of
> us have been working toward contact with ETI for many years. For each of
> us, interacting with you will be a deeply moving and deeply meaningful
> experience--our ultimate personal adventure. We sense that contact with
> you might be an aesthetic or spiritual experience as well as a scientific
> or educative experience.
> [...]
> No matter what form of extraterrestrial intelligence you are, we eagerly
> look forward to communicating with you. With respect and affection and
> friendship, we invite you to make contact.
> Your initial communications will presumably be with Allen Tough. He is
> the founder and coordinator of our "Invitation to ETI" group, and the
> author of these web pages. He can then relay these communications to
> the rest of us.

I suggest that those involved with this project convince Dr. Tough to make up a new web page seeking contact with leprechauns and fairies. For too long we have had only limited and fragmented contact with the Little People. We have much to learn from them, particularly their almost-magical technologies. Contact with them would indeed be an aesthetic and spiritual experience.

Or, even better, why not go straight to the top. Set up a web page seeking contact with God Almighty, the King of Kings, the Alpha and the Omega. Invite God to establish communication. Maybe that's all he's waiting for, just like ET. It's just as likely to succeed, in my opinion.

Be sure to include helpful mailto: links and phone numbers as was done for ET. Wouldn't want the Lord to have to have to hunt through the phone book.