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Bill Douglass (
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 08:37:53 CST

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

>As I child I always used to try to fly in my dreams. All it took > was
>running across my yard and flapping my arms. I'm not sure if I
>ever got off the ground and had a "bird's eye view", I think I
>generally woke up. There is that tricky problem your brain
>must have in a dream where you are rolling along fine and the
>next thing it has to do is provide an image of you looking down
>at the top of your house -- oppps, the recall mental image
>processor comes up empty -- time for a scene shift.

>Of course as you get older and you have reality checks in place,
>you probably gain a censorship process so you never even imagine
>what it is like to fly.

>Too bad as adults, we lose the dreams of childhood.


In my mid-twenties, I'm happy to say I still have dreams of flying on a semi-regular basis. These usually involve flying far above a city; well, let's say anywhere from 30 feet to cloud level. Generally I'm kind of bobbing up and down, and it requires a sort of concentration to stay aloft, or perhaps just making super-leaps from the ground. However once in a while I really seem to get the hang of it and just soar... I love those parts, and I love these dreams in general.

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