Re: TV Dangers [was Re: metaTHAAD was: Son of Star Wars]

Cynthia (
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 23:28:24 -0800

> > Global Warming: Ask someone living in North Carolina...
> Actually I kinda like the idea of global warming. (ask someone in the
> Barrow Alaska). Look at a map....notice how MUCH land there is that is
> available due to weather extremes. Have you ever been to northern montana
> the winter? And I was in North Carolina....shortly after Hurricane Mitch.
> What they had was a is only conjecture that it was caused
> global warming......which is also a conjecture since hard data does not
> indicate it's presence....

It seems to me, that global warming would reduce hurricanes, not make them worse. My logic is this. Hurricanes are caused by temperature differences, and global warming would reduce temperature differences.

The colder the poles are, the more moisture they sucked out of the air. And if the polar regions became warmer, then the rainfall and cloud cover would increase. Causing the warm regions to become cooler.

And with the cold regions becoming warmer, and the warm regions becoming cooler, the temperature differential that causes storms would be reduced. Therefore I would expect more mild temperate weather.