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> Asbestos: Very bad (over time) if exposed

The keyword is IF.....the millions of dollars spent on asbestos abatement caused more danger than if the whole "problem" had been ignored.

> Ozone: Direct effects observed in animals and perhaps humans

I disagree. I contend that the so called effects are the result of something pinkeye causing the sheep to go blind which was eroneously attributed to UV in AlGore's Comic Opera "Earth in the Balance" point of fact the UV level at ground level has NOT been observed as being any higher than ever before...lower if anything.

> Global Warming: Ask someone living in North Carolina...

Actually I kinda like the idea of global warming. (ask someone in the Point Barrow Alaska). Look at a map....notice how MUCH land there is that is not available due to weather extremes. Have you ever been to northern montana in the winter? And I was in North Carolina....shortly after Hurricane Mitch. What they had was a is only conjecture that it was caused by global warming......which is also a conjecture since hard data does not indicate it's presence....

And another thing....IF (and i say if) there is global it perhaps finally returning to the temps that are actually normal....prior to the Alvarez dino-killer (tounge firmly in cheek).....
> Nuclear Winter: There are still lots of weapons out there.

The scientists who first concocted this idea have recanted. The confessed that it was all a ruse to cut back on nukes. Of course their cause was the prostitution of their chosen profession was ok. (hallelujah)

> Population Explosion: Recently cut back from previous predictions by the
> UN
> Homeless: Not a significant impact on the average person.

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