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Steve C. Dotson (
Mon, 01 Nov 1999 14:09:37 -0800

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999 11:32:26 hal wrote: ...Maybe religion is true: maybe we are the creation of god-like beings.
>If ETs have been here throughout our evolutionary development, isn't
>it a significant probablity? Maybe Jesus was an extraterrestrial.
>He could have been, couldn't he? Water into wine and raising the
>(recently) dead shouldn't be too difficult for nanotech equipped aliens.

There was a through treatment of this avenue of thinking written a few years ago by an attorney. It is a book called: THE GODS OF EDEN. His disturbing premise is that "they" have been here for at least millennia and we are merely "cattle" or should I say chattel to them and that they control us through wars and pestilence and religious superstition. He never explained exactly what use we are to "them" though. In reference to your comment about religions, he contends that all major religions were created (even scripted somewhat) by the visitors. I don't subscribe to this way of thinking, but I must admit I am reminded of this book every time one of our Mars probes blinks off or behaves incorrectly. (and there have been how many now?) :-) I'm keeping an open mind on the question of whether "they" are here. I try to follow the hoaxes, evidence, coverups, etc. Obviously the ramifications of somekind of truth in any of this would be massive, and perhaps I follow it to ameliorate the possible shock of some future revelation. I think it is unfortunate that those most qualified to study these subjects risk committing academic suicide by investigating these fringe areas. There seems to be an artifical schism between "approved" research and "beyond-the-pale" research, and I wonder if anyone's interests are served by this.


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