sleep and extropian dreams

Bryan Moss (
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 14:25:14 -0000

Spike Jones wrote:

> [Re: Saving Private Ryan]
> ... yet the message of the film is moving and in a way
> extropian, for we are standing on a threshold of a dream:
> We can *finally* do away with this madness of men on a
> field shooting lead at each other.
> This brutal and devastating style of fighting is finally
> coming to an end, as was shown in Desert Storm. The foot
> soldier is obsolete. War can be taken directly to the
> front door of the alphas who ordered up the war to start
> with, leaving the rest of us alive and uninjured.
> Is this not an extropian dream? spike

Maybe. The same mentality that sends thousands of men to their deaths is responsible for this new style of warfare. The capacity for bloody, brutal warfare still exists; foot soldiers may be obsolete but the mentality that sent them to the killing field still exists.