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Anders Sandberg (
01 Nov 1999 15:02:51 +0100

"Ross A. Finlayson" <> writes:

> Does anyone have dreams remembered where they are not themselves? In all
> dreams that I recall, I am myself. If we have dreams where we are someone
> else, are they separated?

I have had plenty of dreams where I was not myself. I have been everything from disembodied observers over interstellar economies to a Axiomatically Invincible Hero to the god Odin.

(The Axiomatically Invincible Hero might need an explanation. In one dream I encountered a box containing something awful breaking out, just like the start of Jurassic Park. But this beast was an Axiomatic Beast, which meant that it would - by definition - devour any victim it pursued. I only had moments to prepare - so I redefined myself as axiomatically impossible to defeat. Since the Beast couldn't eat me without causing a paradox, it escaped into other parts of my dream...)

> Recent dream tokens are aborigine, red truck. Favorites include mountain
> and flight. Levitation is interesting.
> Makes me think of pseudo-science. Dream interpretation and all that.

While a lot of dream interpretation is junk, dreams are after all information about our minds. I would say that our dream "landscapes" say a bit about what kind of people we are, what is going on and what worldviews we inhabit.

Yes... my internal world seems to be quite unusual :-)

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