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> > Python was great but the humor by today's standards is quite dry.
>The TV show had some good stuff but it had a lot of crap too, the best
>Python was their movies not the TV show. The best of the best was
>"Life of Brian", possibly the most blasphemous movie ever made.
>First rate!

I show this movie every semester to my Philosophy of Religion class. Somehow I don't think most of them appreciate it as much as I do. This semester, since The Life of Brian wasn't available, I showed them The Name of the Rose instead -- utterly different, but a good presentation of the conflict between Aristotelian/rationalist and Augustian/irrationalist strands in Christianity.



"Only the true Messiah would deny that he is the Messiah! All praise the Messiah!"


P.S:: "*How* shall we fuck off, O Lord?"

P.P.S.: Brian: "Don't let me tell you what to believe; don't let *anyone* tell you what to believe. You are all different."

Crowd intones: "We are all different."

Lone voice: "I'm not."

(If you haven't seen this movie, your life is incomplete!)