Re: curing sleep

Anders Sandberg (
01 Nov 1999 10:33:15 +0100

Spike Jones <> writes:

> During college I read that REM sleep peaks an hour or two after
> first dozing, so I tried to make my sleep time more efficient by
> dividing it into two 3-hour shifts. I had a job from 4 a.m. to
> 8 a.m, so I slept from about midnight to about 0300, then some
> more after 8a.m. Result: I went around all summer like a zombie.

Interesting. I think your source was in error, REM becomes more prevalent in the late night, not in the early part. So you likely reduced the amount of REM you got rather than increased it.

> Anders Sandberg wrote:
> > There are a lot of hormones peaking during the late night...
> Ja. Thats why Robert has those dreams that he *really* *really*
> wishes could go on for just a liiiittle longer.... {8^D spike

As for myself, I think the most dangerous drug (or mindstate alteration) ever would be something that mimicks the relaxed-sleepy-weakness-pleasure of just going to sleep or briefly awakening and knowing you can sleep for the whole morning. It would be more addictive than heroin (although I suspect the opiate and cannabinoid receptors are already involved).

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