Memory Loss via Cell Phones?

Ian Goddard (
Mon, 01 Nov 1999 03:42:00 -0500

This article claims that research conducted at the University of Washington provides "proof" that mobile phones cause long-term memory loss:

If true, since long-term memory is believed to involve actual physical changes in neuronal structure (unlike short-term memory), this may suggest that mobile-phone radiation may cause actual brain damage, as in neuronal death. But that is not absolutely indicated.

I did a search at the National Library of Medicine using several key-word parameters and "phones memory" found one study:

Accid Anal Prev 1999 Nov;31(6):617-23
Cognitive load and detection thresholds in car following situations: safety implications for using mobile (cellular) telephones while driving.

which is only about how car phones increase the rate of accidents due to taking up too much of one's attention span, not as a result of any brain impairments. I sent an email to the doctor cited in the Mirror article asking for more info. The Mirror article cites other studies, but I did not find them at the NLM using some key key words.