Re: Sleep
Sat, 30 Oct 1999 21:00:31 EDT

The only "cure that I have ever heard of for sleep that is available right now is to eat less, much less. There is a guy by the name of Wliey Brooks who seems like more of a nut case than anything else but he apparently hasn't eaten in years. I have heard of people who have done this before. When I was in Bavaria last year my cousin took me to the grave of Terese Nueman, a woman who will probably be sainted by the Catholic Church in years to come, and it has been very well documented that she had fasted for years at a time. There have also been a number of other Catholic saints that have supposedly gone for years without food and survived only on Communion wafers once a day or once a week. How much truth there is to this I don't know but I think there could be something to it scientifically. Here is the guys web site if you want to check it out. Eric