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Robert, Anwser: Given a finite amount of energy to get to this point I would rather get there slowly, however slow is hardly an adequate description for describing my journey. The things I will observe and pick up along the way are likely to be of great value.

That is not to play down the importance of people for whom getting to this point as quickly as posible is of paramount importance. I would suggest these people carve the way for the rest of mankind; like scouts of an expodition.
Perhaps the order of things dictates that there will always be a cirtain amount of people designated/fated to forfill this role (like the way cells and organs in the body have specific functions).

Following the cloneing of selfs in the future tip it is perhaps our own 'better selves' in the future that are imposing there morals, beliefs and values on our present selves. At first thought this to many people including myself this brings up some moral questions as to wether this is right.
But give our future selves some credit they could be imposing obsurd moral beliefs, guilt complexes, physicle illnessess on our present selves to provoke us into rejecting or at least questioning everything handed to us on a plate*.
Like children pushing our boundrys, this reminds me of Anders' towards ascention!

*Be wary not to get caught in the paradox of questioning, like John Clark who doubts the doubt that doubts itself, and all those who doubted his doubt.

Billy Brown my current plan for self advancement and still haveing time for some of the other things life has to offer is not to distinguish between the two. All things if done in best spirit advance the self. I'm also takeing carfull note of the sleeping advice to maximise time spent enjoying my advancement seems the best advise is to make the internal and external realitys the same, thus leaving your mind clear of rubish to sort out. This could also be the key to ultimate illumination.


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