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> Any lawyers care to read - 

> and see if it is at all legal?
> If so Should we be buying real estate on other planets while its still
> cheap? :)

Although the "lunar embassy" scheme appears to be primarily a "gag-gift" business, the basic idea is essentially similar to the one extraterrestrial property rights program of which I am aware that is quite serious:

The Archimedes Institute" maintains a claim registry for claims to extraterrestrial property based on multiple levels of title which are themselves based on the extent to which a claimant has actually established a physical presence at the claimed property. If you dig into the discussion board archives Archimedes maintains:

you'll see that legal scholars take this claim scheme seriously enough to engage in some extended exploration of its mechanics and implications.

If we're right about how quickly technology will develop to gain physical access to solar system bodies in the 21st century, then working out conflicts among multiple claimants to prime pieces of real estate will keep lawyers quite busy for a while.

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