Re: Sleep, Memory, SIs & Evolution [was Re: curing sleep]

Zeb Haradon (
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 16:56:57 -0700

>(c) The fish/bird theory fits pretty well. Birds if I recall
> manage by sleeping 1/2 of the brain at a time. That allows
> them to do all of the memory refresh while still having
> a processor online to deal with hurricanes, eagles, etc.

What's more interesting is that dolphins do this too (one half of the brain always has to be awake to remember to go up for air). I would semi-confidently place dolphins in the class of beings that have coinscious experience. This makes me wonder what the expereince could possibly be like. Does an individual dolphin have a different "personality" depending on which part of its brain is awake?

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