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>Larry, here is the latest info from JIm Funaro on Contact. Allen.
>>CONTACT 2000 convenes on March 3-5,2000, at NASA Ames and the Biltmore
>>Hotel in Santa Clara, California. Don't miss this one! See registration,
>>banquet and hotel information below.
>>Join us as we celebrate 17 years of CONTACT, a unique interdisciplinary
>>conference which brings together some of the foremost international
>>social and space scientists, science fiction writers and artists to
>>exchange ideas, stimulate new perspectives and encourage serious,
>>creative speculation about humanity's future ... onworld and offworld.
>>This letter also constitutes a second call for papers and projects. We
>>need to hear your proposals now, because the program is filling up.
>>Send paper or project title and abstract (under 100 words) to me by
>>November 1st at <>. Check to see if your name
>>is on the list below.
>>Features of the program (visit for
>>updates) ...
>>What is the nature of Artificial Intelligence? How does it compare with
>>biological intelligence? What might an AI civilization be like? Would
>>it be antagonistic, compatible or even synergistic with ours? These, and
>>other provocative questions, will be the focus of the daylong Ames
>>Seminar, organized by NASA's AI specialist Michael Sims and planetary
>>scientist Chris McKay. We already have a tentative commitment from
>>Marvin Minsky, founder of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
>>Octavia E. Butler, winner of two Hugos and a Nebula, has published more
>>than 10 novels and many shorter works, in science fiction and outside
>>the genre. In 1995, Octavia was awarded the MacArthur Foundation's
>>"genius" grant, which rewards creative people who push the boundaries of
>>their fields.
>>SIMULATIONS: Two this year! COTI HI and COTI AI
>>Springboarding from our NASA/Ames seminar, we will present COTI AI, a
>>SETI scenario in which humans will encounter representatives of a
>>civilization of artificial intelligences. The goal: Attempt to create a
>>credible contact exercise invoking some problems and possibilities
>>initiated at Friday's session and to "reality-check" a protocol to be
>>demonstrated on the final day of CONTACT. Writer/astronomer Dave Brin
>>and Jim Moore, coordinator of our simSETI simulation, will act as
>>The COTI Hi teachers, led by Carol Anderson and Larry Payne, will
>>oversee a contact simulation based on our Cultures of the Imagination
>>design. The teams will bring together high school students from the US
>>and Argentina. Don't miss the real-time, unrehearsed meeting of aliens
>>at the climax of the conference on Sunday -- Contact!
>>EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE - coordinator Don Scott of NASA
>>Collaborating with CONTACT and NASA, a group of high school teachers
>>from Oroville, California, will present a progress report on a two-year
>>COTI HI curriculum they are developing for secondary education, and lead
>>a contact simulation based on our Cultures of the Imagination design.
>>Don't miss the real-time, unrehearsed meeting of aliens at the climax of
>>the conference on Sunday afternoon-- Contact!
>>SETI Australia and the SETI Institute have collaborated on introducing
>>the SETI educational materials into Australian high schools. Science
>>writer and CONTACT listserve majordomo Carol Oliver will give us a
>>report from down under.
>>Our nationally recognized Solar System Simulation, back in full force
>>for Spring semester, powers up its new virtual reality program. In an
>>on-line demonstration, with originator Reed Riner of Northern Arizona
>>University as guide, conference attendees can visit a space city, walk
>>on the moon and talk to Martians via an international, multicampus
>>computer simulation.
>>The director of the Academy for Mars, Gabriel Rshaid, visits from
>>Argentina to report on his project.
>>Show-stopper Seth Shostak of SETI will convene a symposium of experts to
>>consider the yesterday, today and tomorrow of the new millennium, to
>>kick off the next thousand years of human future history. After the
>>talks, the panel will discuss emergent implications with the audience.
>>There will also be several other sessions of professional papers dealing
>>with the problems and possibilities of humanity's future. The topics and
>>speakers will be announced in later udpates at
>>Our art gallery will this year feature fine artists of time and space,
>>organized by Joel Hagen. See also the art of Epona, our 3-year project
>>in world building which Larry Niven called the biggest playground he'd
>>ever seen. And maybe the Epona team will unveil of a brand new planet!
>>Grand opening: Friday evening.
>>Here's a list of those who are signed up for the program. Be sure to
>>add your name by responding promptly, while we still have some space
>>left in the schedule.
>>Poul & Karen Anderson, Carol Anderson, Athena Andreades, Dave Brin,
>>Octavia Butler, Chris Chyba, Bruce Damer, Jim Funaro, Joel Hagen, Al
>>Harrison, Barbara Joans, Chris McKay, Marvin Minsky, Jim Moore, Gerald
>>Nordley, Carol Oliver, Larry Payne, Doug Raybeck, Reed Riner, Gabriel
>>Rshaid, Don Scott, H. Paul Shuch, Seth Shostak, Michael Sims, Allen
>>Tough, Richard Zimmer.
>>We will have plenty of opportunities to interact and discuss topics from
>>the symposia at social activities in the hospitality suite and the
>>Friday evening banquet. Everyone is a participant. We recommend that all
>>attendees stay at the hotel to fully benefit from these activities for a
>>friendly and mind-expanding experience.
>>CONTACT welcomes all professionals, students and enthusiasts. We have
>>developed and piloted several role-playing simulations for the general
>>public. Come and be part of our next annual gathering in an informal and
>>synergistic atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for interaction.
>>Join us for three days of hard work and hard play... Let's go!
>>Looking forward to hard work and hard play together ...
>>Jim Funaro
>>You should register and make your banquet reservations at the same
>>time. We have a registration webpage, with convenient forms, at
>><>. Otherwise, follow the
>>instructions below or check <>.
>>Preregistration is $60 (Students/Seniors $30) until Valentineis Day,
>>2000. To pay by credit card, e-mail <> or
>>call 650/941-4027 or fax 650/941-4028. To register by mail, send name,
>>address and check made out to CONTACT to: Contact 2000 Registration,
>>B-10, Suite 237, 4546 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA 94022. On February
>>15th, the prices go up to $80 for regular admission and $40 for students
>>and seniors. One day admission is $50. Register as above or at the
>>Important: Foreign nationals who plan to attend the sessions at NASA
>>Ames must state their country of origin when registering. We must have
>>this information well in advance
>>The banquet will be a something- for-everyone, all you can eat buffet
>>for an additional $25. And a talk by Octavia Butler into the bargain. We
>>have room for 100 people, and if there are to be more we need to know at
>>least 72 hours in advance. As the banquet is Friday night, we will not
>>be able to add more people beyond that 100 at the door, so it is
>>important to make your banquet reservations now, when you register.
>>You can make your reservations now. The address of the Biltmore is 2151
>>Laurelwood Road in Santa Clara (just off Highway 101); the phone number
>>is 800/255-9925 or 408/988-8411. Mention CONTACT, to get the conference
>>rate of $79 for a room (up to 4 people) or $99 for a Tower Suite. For
>>special requests or information, contact <> or call
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