Rob Harris (
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 15:20:03 +0100

Rob Wrote:
>>What is the uncertain and complex terrain? Why do you have morals? Why

J.R. Wrote:
>"uncertain and complex terrain" sounds like real life. Morals coincide with
>behavior patterns which result in greater survival for populations which
>practice them. Darwinian evolution provides the pressure for changing
>E. O. Wilson has provided an explanation for the biological basis of

Yes JR, I agree with you. My questions were not rhetorical, they were directed at Reptar (or whatever) who didn't seem to share my understanding of the point of morality - I was asking for his. The point I raised in my original post was not that morality should be ditched and we should all conduct our lives conscience-free, but that the "rulebook" method of morality propagation is counter-productive, a situation I feel could be remedied at a price of more thought on the part of the individual.