Re: curing sleep

Anders Sandberg (
29 Oct 1999 14:43:55 +0200

Rafael Anschau <> writes:

> "The
> Methods and Processes Necessary for the Elimination of the Necessity to
> Sleep in the Human
> Organism".
> <>
> Though still in it's infancy, it contains some nice tips for people who
> want to reduce their necessity of sleep right away.

I'm sceptical of that page. A lot of the advice is very poorly supported - where is the evidence B vitamins or water helps? The Atkins diet is highly controversial, and the yeast explanation for CFS sounds spurious. Some is of course reasonable, having a challening, flow-inducing work really reduces your need to sleep, and avoiding the attention-drainer television is usually good. The posts are mostly anecdotal claims, where motivated people do a lot of things at the same time making it very hard to discern what is cause and effect.

What we need is solutions that work for most people, or methods of tuning individual solutions. For that we need careful studies and taking into account known results of sleep(deprivation) research.

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