Re: morality
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 02:35:41 EDT

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The subjectivity is not the problem. The unworkable, over complicated rulebook where one central guideline will do is the problem.

I am not quite sure who's rulebook you are talking about.. I don;t remember there being mention of one in this thread.

>Also, I don't
care if my thoughts are considered condescending or seen as heresy or whatever, this isn't relevant to whether or not the idea is workable.>>

Condescension and heresy aren't the same thing at all, why would you group them as one?

>It is simplistic to think you have found the one solution, however
>it is.

The one solution? Your words, not mine.....and it's not that brilliant either. It's blatantly obvious.

You said something once which started this whole thing... what was it, all the morals we need to know are not to harm anyone? Something along those lines.

>> But people never bother to think (except people such as those on this list).... >>

Again, which people are you talking about? What I mean by condescending is exemplified above. It isn't heretical, just disrespectful.