Rob Harris (
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 14:49:13 +0100

>it is glib and condescening *behavior* to pooh-pooh things
>"subjective" and dismiss them. Morals deal primarily with human behavior.
>Humans deal in both realms, ob and sub - and human behavior is indeed

The subjectivity is not the problem. The unworkable, over complicated rulebook where one central guideline will do is the problem. Also, I don't care if my thoughts are considered condescending or seen as heresy or whatever, this isn't relevant to whether or not the idea is workable.

>It is simplistic to think you have found the one solution, however
>it is.

The one solution? Your words, not mine.....and it's not that brilliant either. It's blatantly obvious. But people never bother to think (except people such as those on this list)....