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john grigg (
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 02:29:48 PDT

Hello Rob,

Rob Harris wrote:
>In fact, John's post made me feel pretty guilty! Sorry!

Please don't be feeling guilty. I have felt very well treated by the members of this list. You all have the right to say what you think. I knew from the time I read the extropian principles that a rejection of the supernatural was a part of the intellectual infrastructure.

I have found some interesting views in this "religion bashing thread" when they have tried to see it from a more balanced sociological standpoint. I took a class last year in the sociology of religion which was taught by a former Roman Catholic priest who still had a love for his church and yet could keep his perspective as he taught.

In my post I tried to share some of my own struggles with religion and life. I do not feel it prudent to simply dismiss Christianity as many of you do. I believe there are spiritual realities to be learned by prayer and living for God that seem foolish to those outside of it. And yet I am a "doubting Thomas" in part too who questions. I am drawn to cryonics because I want a chance at furthering my life and seeing what the future holds. But at the same time I think one day we all may go through the tribulations described of in the Bible for the last days and be in a state of denial still until Christ returns in glory.

best wishes,

John Grigg

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