Re: Definitions of Probability

Anders Sandberg (
28 Oct 1999 10:54:48 +0200

Jayne's works can be found in PDF at

"Lee Daniel Crocker" < (none)> writes:

> The papers above are accessible to the public, but are Postscipt
> files not viewable over the web.

Ghostview/Ghostscript/Gsview is an excellent postscript and PDF viewer and under GPL.

> Might I suggest that "spreading
> the word" is accomplished accomplished better by making the word
> easily available to the public? I don't mean to pick on you
> personally here, but this is a very exasperating problem in general.
> The world has this wonderful new universal medium of communication
> and scholars aren't using it. Academics publish a paper that's
> read by maybe 100 other academics and think that that makes a
> difference in the world. Ideas are meant to be spread.

Exactly. One reason we academics tend to favor LaTeX and Postscript is that these were the first useful formats for digital communication of paper - they really helped spread information widely (witness The problem is of course that all the new users want everything in PDF instead, but we have better things to do than converting file formats. Of course we *should* do it, but it is hard to get the time and interest.

Another possibility is latex2html, of course.

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