Re: Definitions of Probability (was: Re: Clint & Robert on "Faith in Science")

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 16:01:05 -0700 (PDT)

> I'm doing my best to spread the word about Bayesian Probability
> Theory to other astronomers.
> ...
> Here's where you can learn more.
> ...
> (This Web site contains
> many other useful and classic Bayesian papers, including the
> most important reference: an unfinished book by Edwin Jaynes.)

This server is not open to the public.

> (And you can find more of Tom Loredo's papers here:
> Giulio D'Agnostini is a statistician from Rome, who is teaching
> statistics to high energy physicists at CERN. Two summers ago he
> completed teaching a course about Bayesian statistics, and you can
> find his 200 page book of detailed lecture material at a CERN site:

The papers above are accessible to the public, but are Postscipt files not viewable over the web. Might I suggest that "spreading the word" is accomplished accomplished better by making the word easily available to the public? I don't mean to pick on you personally here, but this is a very exasperating problem in general. The world has this wonderful new universal medium of communication and scholars aren't using it. Academics publish a paper that's read by maybe 100 other academics and think that that makes a difference in the world. Ideas are meant to be spread.

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