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>From: Robert Owen <rowen@InfoAve.Net>
>Dan Cook quoted:
>> "If humanity wants to either progress OR survive, we have to become a
>> spacefaring species. In the end, it is creativity, not austerity, that
>> will be the key to our survival."
>> Dr. Robert Zubrin
>> from Entering Space (1999) pg. 152
>Zubrin is a fascinating fellow. He was asked this question:
>"Why isn't the space program as popular as it was in the
>1950's and 60's? Is it the bad publicity? The cost? When I
>was a kid in the 70's, many teachers were confident that
>space travel for the masses would be common in our (the kids')
>lifetimes. Now those same kids are approaching 30, and that
>dream seems to have degenerated to Star Trek re-runs. What
>gave those teachers such confidence in the speed of
>technological development? It seems to me that at this rate,
>those raccoons you mentioned will beat us to Mars."
>To which he replied:
>"The problem is that since the 1970's the US space program
>has not had a real goal, and as a result it has made very little
>progress. We need a central motivating goal to drive our space
>program forward. That goal should be the human exploration
>and settlement of Mars."
>If anyone wishes to learn more about Dr. Zubrin, go to:
>Robert M. Owen
>The Orion Institute
>57 W. Morgan Street
>Brevard, NC 28712-3659 USA
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