Re: morality
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:39:23 EDT

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<< implying irrational/stupid
through simplicity. >>

Aahh -- well... no, please forgive me, that was not what I meant by the term.

In fact, some of the most simplistic people I know are highly intelligent, educated thinking people. Still I consider simplistic thinking a mistake
(Stupidity & ignorance are not behavioral mistakes, but a state of being). I
make no assertaions about your educucation or status in the world. Only in your behavior this moment. If I thought you were stupid, I would have not responded to your thoughts.

Simplistic means (to me) finding *one* simple path, a clumsy solution out of an uncertain and complex terrain that really deserves many solutions and finesse - but one that only solves a particular one track end.

Morals, being a human condition are frought with uncertainties and complexities. it is glib and condescening *behavior* to pooh-pooh things "subjective" and dismiss them. Morals deal primarily with human behavior. Humans deal in both realms, ob and sub - and human behavior is indeed complex.
It is simplistic to think you have found the one solution, however brilliant it is.