religion *yawn*

Rob Harris (
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 15:48:31 -0000

>One method of doing this is to avoid responsibility, and suprising to many,
>is to invent a devil to hold all evils-thus removing oneself of
>responsibility. Like the late commedian, Flip Wilson's, Ernestine; "the
>made me do it",

Or equally, the just as common "I do it in the name of God...". I refer you back to my previous statement on tolerating religion.

>Scientists have participated in this evil, and cannot escape
>anymore then Military people, or politicians. Fortunately, science has been
>pro-active with bio-ethics committees and the like. So maybe technology has
>the ability to be self-correcting?

Correcting? This mings of platonic absolutes. Anything under human control will end up in line with our averaged-out conception of morality. But never forget that this morality is human, not cosmic.