Re: Morality
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:42:21 EDT

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<< The only moral that should be remembered is to treat people well, in
order to minimise suffering. >>

This is the most simplistic thing I have ever heard. One cannot treat people well carte blanche, believe me. It breaks down at the first turn: treat someone well who is mistreating you? (etc. etc.) And what exactly does that mean, treating people well. You want me to treat you as I think you should be treated? Or as YOU think you should be treated... (Hell, I know better - ya know, what is good fer ya... i think I do... yep - you need to go to church, that's good fer ya, rob)

Look at how the missionaries did all those good things for the people on Hawaii..
: - )

Morals have always been a hot topic for a very good reason. They are complicated and tricky to establish, even within one's own autonomy.