Re: Religion Bashing

Brian D Williams (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 07:01:32 -0700 (PDT)


>>The first thing religions started doing after they were invented
>>is to start bashing science, a process that continues to the
>>present day. And Scientists have never threatened elderly
>>theologians with torture, nor burned them literally at the stake.
>>Religious leaders have done both...

>Religion pre-dates science by tens of thousand of years. A limited
>number of scientists were involved in the torture-murders at the
>Nazi camps, There were tens of thousands of slave laborers who
>perished ar Peenemunde. Also thousands have worked, over the
>decades, in the biowarfare and nuclear weaponry, which is
>currently aimed at civilians.

I don't agree that religion is ten's of thousands of years older, The first guy/Gal who made fire independently was the first scientist, sadly that person probably was made the first priest/priestess.

Yes scientists have been involved with warfare, and had I been there I would have served proudly. But Scientists did not torture/kill religious people simply for their views, theologians have....

I've discussed at length previously the ridiculous notion of "civilians".

>The point is that science is far from total responsibility, and
>holding scientists to being such great moral authorities is as
>crazy as holding religious leaders to such great esteem.

I never said they were great moral authorities, I said they hadn't tortured/killed theologians just for holding a different viewpoint.

I was raised Catholic, and as an example Eratosthanes (sp?) knowledge that the earth was round and his calculation within 5% of the actual number in 399 B.C easily predates Catholicism.


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