Re: religion again
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 07:12:00 EDT

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> >Huh? Not that I like to defend religions, but science is a much, much

> >younger human activity than religion. And from time to time religion
> >has been one of the strongest supporters of science and technology
> >(remember the spread of engineering through the medieval monasteries).
> How is the age of a particular activity relevant to the point? Also, Hitler
> made some great policies "from time to time". Pure evil doesn't exist
> outside of the world of "Penelope Pitstop and The Hooded Claw"....

It might be argued in the case of the dictators, that all policies, even clever ones have been necessitated toward facilitation of mass murder-which I submit was the prime-mover for Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao. That maybe pure evil does exist beyond what Hanna Barbera deams; and that this evil is focused and self-sustaining.

One method of doing this is to avoid responsibility, and suprising to many, is to invent a devil to hold all evils-thus removing oneself of responsibility. Like the late commedian, Flip Wilson's, Ernestine; "the devil made me do it",

Scientists have participated in this evil, and cannot escape responsibility; anymore then Military people, or politicians. Fortunately, science has been pro-active with bio-ethics committees and the like. So maybe technology has the ability to be self-correcting?