extropians: Re: AI motivations & Self-rewiring

Re: AI motivations & Self-rewiring

Clint O'Dell (clintodell@hotmail.com)
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 16:14:25 MDT

phil osborn wrote:
>This whole discussion is a good example of how ignorant even most
>extropians are re the actual nature of consciousness, unfortunately.
Actualy, how ignorant you are in this area.

>Consciousness builds itself from successful feedback, as in thumb against
>forefinger in the womb.

Problem solving memories builds from feedback of successfull projects. Society of Mind does a great job explaining this.

Consciousness becomes more suffisticated as more problem solving memories become more abundant and suffisticated.

>Consciousness is not and cannot be a program or any set of symbolic
>manipulations separate from sensory data - and action.

Consciousness is memory stimulation and memories being passed around in the brain.

Memories are accessed by outside stimulation notifying parts of the brain responsible for acting on stimulation, who then notify each other and plan what to do from a complicated logic gate based on the number of connections to each part of the brain. This logic gate is the programming. Let's program a bird. Play a low tone everytime you want the bird to turn left and when the bird starts to turn left drop some food. Continualy delay the time you drop food until the bird turns all the way around. Do the same thing for a high tone to turn right. Next put some earphones on it with a message tied to its foot and you have a remote controlled bird. Now make a remote controlled dog, that'll be fun. How about a human? Cool.

>Fortunately, as Bart Kosko pointed out today on the "Digital Village," it
>may not matter, as the process of uploading, and also, very possibly,
>producing the next generation of SI's, can just as likely happen

What do you mean incrementally?
Do you mean to first replace the eyes, followed by the ears, next breathing, etc..., until you reach the frontal lobe where you'll get stuck because by then you'll have found out you really didn't have a clue how it worked? That's how I discovered uploading was possible, and as someone who searched for a way to be physicaly immortal since age 10, after discovering it (age 18) I set to work figuring that last part out. And figured out that complex information interchange was only feasable by software because wire doesn't grow and making it do so was to complex and would require to much thinking time in order to apply it within my life time. So my point is, yea, you can work toward replacing the hardware of consciousness with another piece of hardware, but by the time that's done we'll all be dead. I eventualy plan to sign up for cryonics, but I have very little faith in it.

>The Boomers will be demanding medical solutions to failing organs,
>including brain, retina, etc. The solutions already in the works at places
>like UCI involve creating chip replacements/enhancements on a piecemeal

These replacements you mention memic the original functions. That's easy. Too easy. But, consciousness is not just one part of the brain, and it acts differently than the parts currently being replaced. There will come a time when you have to pass along memories and allow them to change and interact. I doubt memories are stored in little boxes as taught in school. It looks to me as memories are patterned interactions.

>Thus, the transition to upload may never involve attempting to move
>consciousness in toto onto another platform from meatware.

It'll happen anyways. There are things you can do in virtual reality you can't do in reality. Just don't unplug me. <s>

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