Actos of Los Apostolos

John Sundman (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 23:13:37 GMT

Hey Extropians,

{Profound appologies to anybody who's gotten this twice.}

I bet at least some of you will enjoy the kule nanotech novel about Gulf War Syndrome, Acts of the Apostles, at

It's about a very fine group of Silicon Valley brilliant people not unlike yerselfs, with a new extropian kind of religion (hence the title). Alas, things go wrong. Like George Harrison said on the Dick Cavett show, "we thought we were doing something guuud, but we were doing something baaaaad."

It's got conspiracy, biometrics, technoparanoia, cybermilitias, sex, spoofs of Silicon Valley self-importance, nanomachines, neurobiology, sandstorms in the Sahel during the great drought, an engineer's eye view of the computer industry with many cameos, Fasnacht in Basel, Catholic theology, Calvinist theology, and a dissertation on the right way to work- out with free weights. It's kind of like Michael Crichton or Tom Clancy meets Flannery O'Conner, with the techno-gee-whiz from Mike & Tom and the philosophical angles from Flan (updated to take account of the Human Genome Project and universal electronic surveillance.)

I look forward to your comments, which may I suppose include flames for the spamosity of this message. On the other hand, it is on topic. I go, and will spam no more henceforward. Shall I be allowed to stay on the list?

yr frn,


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