Re: Fresh Meat

Skye Howard (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 13:08:59 -0700 (PDT)

*grins* I would agree that some anger is necessary- I, for one, do not prefer to waste my time by double checking things a hundred times before submitting itI like the group to be as much like a big mind as possible- and if we yell at ourselves, we can correct our mistakes. We can also add more information to our stores of knowledge by argument- some of the best arguments in here are ones where someone gets so angry they make a stinging reply- and lists half a dozen things to support themselves! What I don't like as much are arguments about things that are ephemerialfor example, philosophical type arguments about things that can't be ultimately rpoven- like whether or not there might be some sort of god (I for one consider myself "operationally atheistic, but rationally agnostic" if that makes any sense- I'm pretty sure there isn't a god, but I can't prove that there isn't some kind of being, since supposing infinite power and intelligence makes it somewhat harder to disprove...but I don't waste my time with the conceptit would be like constantly thinking about an invisible imp someone claims keeps landing on your shoulder:)) What I mean is that there are quality questions to be thought about when arguing. Are you arguing emotionally or with facts and figures? Are there other ways your facts and figures might be misinterpreted or simply different ways they can be interpreted that might lead to strange, redundant, and confusing arguments.... much of regular argument seems to degenerate into some sort of shouting match, all about things that might or might not happen if something we've never seen before suddenly occured. While it is good to make predictions, the best thing about future situations is that they can be multiplicitously interpreted without contradictionit' s called leaving your possibilities open. Oh well, I'm sure my point has allready been made- I haven't had time to really read through the list lately because of other projects and things.

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