Re: Air-car energy sources and a little Radioactive decay

Spike Jones (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 11:46:45 -0700

oops I posted my nanoslinky notion before I read this. Disregard previous! As for Nanomedicine, I preordered a copy from Amazon the very first time you suggested it, before the better sites were proposed, last July I think, and they promised it in October. Well October is almost over, and Ive been salivating for it ever since, and no Nanomedicine. I met Dr. Frietas at the Nanotech conference in Santa Clara, and even managed to say something other than: hammina hammina hammina Im unwoooooorthy! I suuuck!

Niced guy you ever saw! Humble, just as plain as tap water. (What is it about these nanotech gods? K. Eric is like that too. They go around acting like normal people! {8^D ) He even let me look at a copy of his book, but the local Borders has none in stock. I was thinking of running over to Stanford this morning but I doubt they have any copies left.

Robert please repost that site which kicks back a couple extra bucks to Robert F. Thanks! spike

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

> Spike, you really have to read Nanomedicine! Section 4.4.3,
> pg 103, "Single-Proton Massometer". Its basically a very
> long beam. Stick a molecule on the end and measure the change...