Re: Tao of Physics - fun claptrap (was religion bashing)

Clint O'Dell (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 11:51:15 MDT

>Here;s waht I know about the subject ( which ain't much)
>Taoists are not under any sort of direction from "god", for one thing, do
>have a concept of "god" the word Tao means the "way" - which to my
>understanding is the "integrated" path, or a totality of being. The
>"universe", if you like. It cares little for humankind, unlike dieties who
>are known to be meddling, punishing, or loving... the 'way' is aloof from
>us, yet we find more harmony when try to act in accordance with it... like
>not fighting reality -- not going upstream, or something like that. It is
>not a very familiar thing to my Western mind. But it is from Taoism that we
>get the meme "go with the flow" and " follow the path of least resistance".

Sounds like religion to me when phrases like "totality of being" are used, assuming they mean transcendental or "spiritual".

Sounds like philosophy if they are defining a way of life without consequence in a next life.

Yet, sounds like lunacy if they claim there is a next life.

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