Re: "objectivist art" was Rand and Romanticism
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 13:16:57 EDT

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> '>The Objectivist movement's art is a
> >case in point.
> It's not an art movement that I am familiar with. Perhaps it is not a
> genre that artists want to exemplify.

Well, the artists who are Objectivists might beg to differ. I mean they want to create what they term "Romantic Realism," though what they typically produce are formula driven works.

You would know it if you saw it... pictoral realism, usually figurative... but they look like they are from the past... the romantic period.

Actually, what it reminds me of the is 'idealized' art Hitler loved so much, it is "noble"... it allows one only to see the "higher" ideals of mankind...