Re: Alice Rosenbloom (was Re: religion bashing?)
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 13:09:53 EDT

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You think she changed her name because she was ashamed of her Jewish heritage? That's a very odd theory. Her first name was originally Alice. Why did she change that too?

Yes, she was "passing" as ... just like many people hid their heritage in those days.

Read her books, remember this was the forties and fifties ... do they ever once mention a Jewish neighborhood, segregation, racism against Jews? Any culture other than mainstream, Christian America? Nope. All whitebread clean-cut types with no discernible cultural barriers. Considering her self-congratulatory theory tat she was 'objective' -- it's a huge oversight, and of those (mostly when it came to her personal life) of course, she had many.

I have often wondered why she was so blind to her own pathologies, while preaching so self righteously that everyone else was so unaware.