Re: religion bashing?
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 23:25:09 EDT

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> Sorry for being so blunt, but what you ask is absolutely absurd.  "Just try 

> it" bull shit stupid Christians try to pull all the time. Look at it this
> way.

Ok. You want blunt, here's blunt. (you did want blunt didn't you?) Many posters have no idea what is outside their little, White Christian ,Aryan, timmy-boy Euro culture is like. Not everybody who believes in God is a Christian, and what the writers within such Christian and Non-Christian intellectual movements frequently don't get the media play because the the Fundamentalists are far more interesting to rant about. People who broadcast their prayers and have Toll-free numbers to donate to their cause, are much more interesting to watch then a Hans Kung type. Try questioning Senior Bard, regarding the this viewpoint; he might surprise you.

Let look to another Icon of both the Extropian and Trans-H mailing lists; Ayn Rand. News flash, her last name was Rosenbloom. If she couldn't even be comfortable with her heritage (something she had zero control over) why should I listen to her atheistic claptrap? To fight Fundamentalism? We don't need no atheism to fight the fundamentalists.

Your's in Cthulu, Spud