Re: religion bashing?

Clint O'Dell (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 07:17:10 MDT

Aaron Davidson wrote:
>Science has faith at its foundations as well.

Absolutely not true.

Faith means belief in the absence of evidence. This is the essential that distinguishes religion from science. A scientist may believe in entities which he cannot observe, such as atoms or electrons, but (s)he can do so only if he proves their existence logically, by inference from the things (s)he does observe. A religious person, however, believes in "some higher unseen power" which (s)he cannot observe and cannot logically prove.

Because religion is based on "faith", it cannot be taken seriously. I see it as one big joke. To a religious person that's bashing, but to an atheist it's just the truth.

Clint O'Dell

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