Re: Universe principles [was Re: Carbon in the grand scheme]
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 11:47:34 EDT

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> Since I've been wrestling with the Dark Matter question since
> Extro3, my living room coffee table is buried under a number
> of references, including:
> 100 Billion Suns, Rudolf Kippenhahn
> Structure and Evolution of the Stars, Martin Schwarzchild
> Stars and Their Spectra, James B. Kaler
> Stellar Evolution, Amos Harpaz
> Galactic Astronomy, James Binney & Michael Merrifield
> Dark Matter, Missing Planets & New Comets, Tom van Flandern
> and
> Nucleosynthesis and Chemcial Evolution of Galaxies, Bernared E. J. Pagel
> (which IMO is probably the best of the bunch).
Try contacting Prodessor Joel Primack of UC Irvine. He is one of the proponents of Cold Dark matter, and seems approachable to interested academics.