TO Sherry Re: American Psychiatric Association

Robert Owen (rowen@InfoAve.Net)
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 01:30:05 -0400 wrote:

> I just happened to get another callback from U of P and got more
info. I was
> told they are doing a study with the TMS and have done 400 people so far
> 4 having seizures which is the only serious side effect so far. Also I was
> told they will give me more info if I pass the initial screening for the
> study, which I gave today. I will probably wait longer to try it unless
> tell me the 4 who had seizures were especially prone for some reason and
> I probably wouldn't have that problem.
> Sherry

I consulted, Sherry, with several psychiatrist friends of mine who told me to assure you that the transcranial magnetic medium is indicated for SOME clinical groups and is being used to produce frequently significant symptomatic reduction without excessive reliance on psychotropic agents.

The only group they mentioned for which this treatment is contraindicated is the geriatric population with OBS or other neurological disorders. They considered you qualified for this procedure, which is much safer than ECT because [1] no anesthesia is required, and [2] no paralytic agent such as curare or the reduced effectiveness of unilateral application to prevent convulsions need be used since no epileptiform incidents have been reported. The treatment is quite benign, the trade-off being that it is, other things being equal, less effective statistically for the fairly rapid symtomatic reduction associated with ECT.

They STRESSED that, at the present time, most insurance carriers do NOT cover this treatment, and urged you to make complete inquiries, unless this is not an issue for you.

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