Re: Dow 36,000
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 15:02:26 -0700

Robin writes:

> Doing this bet in the market, with each of us just investing according
> to our beliefs, would minimize our transaction costs and risks of not
> being paid. The main difference between a bet and straight stock plays
> is that bet losses are capped. But with the right options, we should be
> able to reproduce that in the market too. So, ... anyone know what the
> longest timescale is we can buy S&P500 or some such options in current
> markets is? If it's 10 years or more, we should do that.

Looking at, the farthest-out index options I can find are LEAPS for December 2001. Maybe they go farther than that, but they're not listed on the page where I looked. I guess two years is effective infinity in investor-land.