Re: Radioactive decay and long-term preservation

Spike Jones (
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 19:58:05 -0700

Jeff Davis wrote:

> Spike, the zen master, wrote (approximately): "I don't care if they laugh
> with me or if they laugh at me, so long as they laugh." Then he wrote,
> "...coal, a form of carbon free of carbon 14,..." Then I laughed. The
> monastery curriculum not to strong on the radiochemistry of coal, eh, spike?

I encourage the laughter Jeff. {8^D But I dont get it. Are you saying there is carbon 14 in coal? I meant, wood has carbon 14 to start with, then over the eons it takes to form coal, yer 14 goes away, half every 6k years.

> Next you'll be telling me that carbon 14 dating means that your girlfriend is
> radiant.

No. Carbon 14 dating is the kind of dating done by us old guys. {8^D spike