Re: SciAm article "Fate of Life in the Universe"
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> The SciAm article also says that Steven Frautschi of Caltech

> in 82 explored the possibility of scavenging mass to feed a
> black hole in an expanding universe. But neither the article
> nor the preprint cite any such paper.
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I have read a work called 5 Ages of the Universe, by a couple of astrophysicists from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, who might dispute with Professor Frautschi on the continuence of computation and life over Petaplexes of years. The there's people like Tipler at Tulane, or Max Tegmark, now at Penn State, who provide their own solutions to extinction. Michio Kaku might even have a word or two with Frautschi. We don't know enough about the cosmos to make such pronuncements, as the big wheels in the 19th century did in their pridefulness.