Re: knowledge validation and school accreditation (was exi party platform)

Anders Sandberg (
19 Oct 1999 18:18:24 +0200

Jeff Davis <> writes:

> Ander's suggestion seems an excellent approach to creating educational
> resources that are *graded* for either a minimum bias or a most broadly
> approved bias.
> The tough part for me is that children are in the captivity of their
> parents, and their intellectual development subject, virtually without
> oversight, to whatever flakiness the parents think of as proper upbringing

Yes, but this is hard to avoid unless we start to allow others to intervene strongly in childrens' upbringing regardless of parental disagreement, a very dangerous road. The nice thing about a more flexible and pluralistic system with different review boards is that it can not just promote excellence in various directions, but that it is quite reasonable to evaluate the success of people graded high (and low) by the different boards. How well do people make it in life after being graded highly by the Kansas Creationist Review Board? If it becomes known that this is not a very good career choice (even if the Board itself has impeccable merits as judged by all the other theological boards) it acts as an disincentive. This way I hope we would see the emergence of a "knowledge culture", a general awareness of good and bad choices that would affect people's upbringing.

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