Re: The next 100 months

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 09:42:49 -0500

Bryan Moss wrote:
> By 2007 I'm pretty damn sure someone somewhere will have
> capitalised on the spare CPU cycles. We'll have a popular
> version of something like Spawn, where we can sell our spare
> CPU cycles for other spare CPU cycles or money. In the
> event that Joe Average can sell his CPU cycles for mortgage
> payments or 'kickass' FPS on Quake 8: Arena he's not likely
> to donate it to the Singularity Institute. You could argue
> that this isn't likely to happen within 7 years and, sadly,
> I'm inclined to agree but I think any long-term project that
> relies on those spare CPU cycles must acknowledge the chance
> that there may be no such thing in the future.

I agree. We may try to establish the custom of a Planetary Computing Day; failing that, we may try to establish the custom of using spare CPU cycles to optimize home (or office) AIs; failing that, we can try to develop software that can benefit from swapping code with other pieces of software on the Internet; failing that... but ask me in a couple of weeks.

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