Re: COPY: Sagan:Reply to: Breaking My Promise

Tue, 19 Oct 1999 13:51:25 +0200

It appears as if Robert Owen <> wrote:
|Hello KPJ,


|With all due respect, this sounds more like a right-wing political
|platform that an Extropian philosophical position. Surely you're
|not suggesting that a subculture with this group is presuming to
|regulate the content of List posts. That wouldn't do at all.

Whether the vocal group members do indeed form a underground cabal trying to control the list contents, I cannot decide, as I lack the data required.

|The phrases above all appear to be related in some way to
|early American political documents which have become laws
|difficult of interpretation, even by the Supreme Court. Stated
|baldly as above, they are really quite meaningless, and I wouldn't
|know HOW to question them unless I knew what they meant.
|But only "natural law" is of any interest to me philosophically in
|any case, although of course I haven't the faintest idea what
|you are talking about. Any process of analyzing the nature and
|logical status of your concept is out of the question.

I suggest you consult the archives.