Re: Are there smartdrugs?

Anders Sandberg (
19 Oct 1999 11:07:11 +0200

"J. R. Molloy" <> writes:

> First we need to infect as many extropic-minded people as possible with the
> meme for returning to breeding like rabbits.

That assumes this will increase the number of extropian people, which I doubt. In fact, parenting will most likely distract from many extropian activities and projects, and as you point out, making the children extropian is not failsafe (I would like to think that transhumanists, by applying transhumanist ideas and values in upbringing, would make more healthy and free children, but there is not yet enough evidence for this).

> In addition, one
> should consider the effect when progeny decide against extropy, and choose
> to war against their parents (like every generation has a tendency to do).

Do they? The popular view is that they do, but I can't say I war against my parents' values - I have different values, which sometimes coincide, sometimes collide with their old values. My teenage revolt must have been a very silent and discreet coup d'etat :-)

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