Re: Reducing your sex drive.
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 22:16:51 EDT

I can't reveal much about why I believe him but I've been studying similar people for the past four years. I have a screening method, which I can't reveal, just as a magician can't reveal how his tricks are done and some local restaurants can't reveal ingredients in their special dishes. I can tell you I believe him because he fits into a profile of such a person. I can't tell you all of the overrepresentations because it may reveal some of my screening method, but some include: social/emotional trouble with father, genius-type or highly intellectual, and Jewish or Asian descent. Am I saying that a higher proportion of Jewish and Asian people have had less or none in the way of sexual attractions and feelings? My answer - I haven't seen that it's overwhelmingly apparent but there is a noticeable overrepresentation with these groups of people. There is one other reason I'm convinced there are males who have far less than the average nonplatonic reactions - things they do that I perceive "between the lines".

Even if by some chance the particular male I've mentioned has somehow "lied" I'm very interested in this topic especially because I'm interested in debunking myths and popular opinions which are accepted as facts. This one is as big as the myth of "normal males think about sex every so many minutes". The interval of time is way too short to being even close to possible for the majority of people. Even with all of my nonplatonic males aside, I have no proof that males think about sex (or females in even a nonplatonic sense) within any particular time period. I'm sure there is an average time period, but I doubt if it's the so many seconds or few minutes we keep hearing about. Give me a break!

Btw, the male I've told you about has done nothing to inhibit his feelings
(inhibit in this context meaning deliberate to any extent). He does want to
experience something nonplatonic as soon as possible. It seems to be bothering him enormously and if it doesn't jeopardize his happiness or mental health now, I expect it will soon unless he gets relief somehow.