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Mon, 18 Oct 1999 19:33:59 EDT

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> 2 PM EST: Singularity occurs, planetwide. No fuss. No mess. No time
> to panic.
> *That's* the way we ought to run things.

1:30 pm est: eliezer climbs up onto the the roof of the singularity institute's main building, pulls a large optic taser out of a suitcase, plugs it into the wall, checks the backup batteries, and sits down on an airvent to await... whatever.

1:55 pm est: eliezer stands on an air vent casing, looks around, for one last time, at the placid cityscape surrounding him, and starts busting high voltage caps into the air and shouting "hey, elisson! i wanna know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything!!!"

1:57 pm est: although elisson notices its surroundings almost immediately, it takes a short time for it to realize that the ant on the roof is its creator. its decision-making process is something vaguely like the following: "a monkey is discharging a monkey weapon on the roof. it might do something bad with that. no, there is no way it can damage me with that. this monkey seems to be one of my primary creators. its asking me questions. it is not necessary to answer its questions. cells 0x9e83fa823 through 0x9e83fc907, disassemble the monkey."

1:58 pm est: on the roof, the wind picks up, and eliezer notices the dust rise from the ground like a fractal wave of soot, and opens his arms in welcome. elisson, like a sandblaster, embraces him. eliezer ceases to exist in a sheet of black razorblade snowflakes.

1:59 pm est: sayke and den otter, having observed the above proceedings on their nokia wearables (from their vantage point/hideout on a stolen russian nuclear sub; the "nebuchadnezzar"), nod to each other, and a female voice emotionlessly says "immanantize the escheaton?" their retinas are scanned, and their voices are analysed as they utter the obscure kabbalic incantations that are the passwords to end the world, again.

1:59:23 pm est: a complex series of ultra-wideband pulse transmissions go out, and 523 high yield nuclear warheads detonate simultaneously. a majority of these are in low earth orbit, and the rest have been preplaced in such a way as to destory scanning tunneling microscopes and biotech labs wherever they can be found. the sonar registers concussions from all directions. the almost-powered-completly-down sub is unaffected.

2:00 pm est: sayke pours himself a white russian, sits back in his beanbag chair, and tugs on his goatee. den otter says "i got the final code compile, right before it went underground. it *is* possible..." sayke replies "fuck yea", and sips his white russian...

pardon my rehash of what seems obvious, but isnt suicide bad?

sayke, v2.3.05