Re: COPY: Sagan:Reply to: Breaking My Promise

Mon, 18 Oct 1999 18:25:44 +0200

It appears as if Robert Owen <> wrote:
|Thank you for the courtesy, Joe. CAVEAT: there is NO Unified Extropian
|Field Theory -- we debate everything, including the definition of the term
|"Extropian" (which is, in principle, the contrary of "Entropian" with respect
|to "entropy"). But there IS a pervasive view that reliance on any trans-
|cendental Object or "Supra-ordinate Power" for the achievement of our
|objectives (about which there is a broad consensus) is counterproductive.

A vocal group of list members pay tribute to the concepts

	``the right to bear arms'',
  and	``natural law''

with some fervour, however. One might wish to avoid questioning these concepts in order to avoid an involuntary jihad.